Do you offer a delivery Service?

You will need to phone and place your order over the phone with one of our staff.

01743 442304

Are your doors solid oak, pine, hardwood etc?
All our timber doors are solid not hollow apart from our moulded hardboard range.
One piece solid timber doors have not been available from all the major importers/ suppliers for many years now.
Some websites describe their doors as solid timber. The doors may have strips of timber covered with a veneer. This is technically solid timber but it is not one piece timber. Doors of this nature are referred to "Solid Core".
It is normal for doors to be made from engineered components. This means that the doors will be a veneer of oak, hardwood, pine etc. over a composite core which may consist of any of the following; Timber, MDF or Chipboard. There is a possibility of other materials being used.

Constructing doors like this gives the door more stability, as they are less prone to problems that one piece timber doors have, such as twisting & bowing. 

What does raised moulding mean?
Raised Mouldings are a separately carved or machined beading fixed to the face of a door.  Raised Mouldings make the door look deeper and more elegant.

How can I pay for my order?
We accept the all major cards online 
If you place your order to our staff over the phone you can pay over the phone using your card.
Your order will not be despatched until it is paid for in full.

Do you stock all doors in every size?
 Due to the huge range of styles and sizes we are not able to stock all doors in every size. Therefore the majority of our doors are special order.

Is my Door a standard size?
There are many standard sizes. The most common are 78 x 27, 78 x 30 which account for over 80% of all sales, although there are up to 12 different sizes available in some ranges of doors.
We can also have door amended to fit any size required however this is strictly price on application.
No manufacturer guarantee will be offered.

Can you trim the door to size for me?
No. Your fitter has full responsibility for sizing your doors.

Can you treat my door for me ?
Yes we finish many of our doors. However the price is on application and timescale given at the time, sometimes up to 8 weeks if it's not available from the factory already finished.

Does the door price include the furniture?

Do we offer a fitting service?
We can only offer a fitting service in the Shrewsbury area. If you require your Door(s) to be fitted please call the shop directly for a price..

Do your glazed doors come with toughened safety glass?
Yes by safety regulation all glazed doors have safety glass in.

What is the difference between doors with Dowelled construction to that of doors with Mortice and Tenon construction?
Dowelled Hardwood doors are manufactured from kiln dried timber and are jointed using fluted dowels and modern adhesives.

Mortice & Tenon doors are manufactured from select kiln dried timber, and are constructed using traditional Mortice & Tenon joints (A HOLE CUT INTO A PIECE OF TIMBER TO RECEIVE A PROJECTION TENON) and modern adhesives.

What happens if I do not treat my door properly.

Timber external doors MUST be re-treated every 12 months, in very open areas sometimes every 6 months. Despite what the product you use says, every 12 months is our recommendation to ensure your door remains properly sealed from the elements.
There will be no appeal on this.
We do our very best to insure you have all the correct information available.

If you do not understand something please call the shop on 01743 442304 our staff are always happy to help as it very very important.